Dice & a Slice’s 6 month anniversary is coming up – what have we learned?

Dice & a Slice’s 6 month anniversary is coming up – what have we learned?

As we approach the 6-month anniversary of the opening of Dice & a Slice, we have been reflecting on the last months and what we have learned/discovered about running a board game café! Whilst we still have a lot to learn, we hope that Dice & a Slice has become a ‘haven’ for board gamers – somewhere where you can come to play games, meet new people and have some great food and drink! So, we thought we would list the top 4 things we have learned from opening and running Dice & a Slice.

1. Board gamers are such lovely people!
We have basically found that board gamers are the nicest people around. The amount of great chats we have had about board games with our customers is fantastic – we have been taught so much by our customers, and hopefully we’ve taught them a few things too! Speaking to regular customers and generally just catching up has to be one of my favourite parts of running Dice & a Slice! I would also like to think that a lot of our regular customers have also become our friends.

2. It’s really hard to make the perfect latte…
…but I like to think we’re getting pretty good!

3. There’s a game to suit everyone
We understand that it can be intimidating when you walk in the café if you aren’t a regular board game player – the immediate response is to think that you won’t be able to play any of the games because they are all so hardcore – however we know this not to be the case at all! There are so many games available for all different types of players – new or advanced – and one of my favourite things is introducing people who are interested; but intimidated by board games that aren’t one of the ‘classics’, to new and exciting games.

4. It’s been hard work, but it’s been worth it
Opening a board game has been one of the most stressful and difficult things we’ve done, but it’s also been the best thing we’ve done! I love that we have (hopefully) created a space where board game lovers can find like-minded people, introduced new games to new people, made friends and built something that everyone can enjoy. It’s been so good to meet loads of new people and see that our hard work is paying off! I hope that Dice & a Slice continues to be a place that people come to relax, see friendly faces, and enjoy the thing we all have in common – a love of board games!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these past 6 months as much as we have! What would you like to see in the next 6 months??

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