We Answer Our 9 Most Asked Questions!

We Answer Our 9 Most Asked Questions!

When and where will you be open?

We will be opening in the heart of Colchester town in Spring 2018!

What sorts of things can I do at your cafe?

At Dice & a Slice, you are more than welcome to come in, sit down and have a nice coffee and cake. However, we also have a vast selection of board games available for you to play!

What games do you have there?

We have 400+ games available to play at our cafe, and you can see our full list of games here. However, you can rest assured that whatever type of game you’re looking to play, we’ll have something ideally suited for you.

Will you be hosting themed nights?

We most certainly will! You can keep up to date with events and themed nights we will be hosting by following us on Facebook. We’re also more than happy to take suggestions on what events you would like us to host, so don’t be afraid to email or message us on Facebook with your ideas!

Who runs the cafe?

Whilst there are many people involved in the makings of the cafe, it all started with our family’s love of board games. Two things bothered us:

  • That people with a love of board games were not able to access and try out the latest games before buying
  • That some people were not aware of the vast range of board games available to play – and the fun they can bring!

We decided that the best solution would be to create a place where everyone can come and try new games, have fun with their friends, and eat great food. We are an exceptional team that not only focuses on great food, drink, and games, but we would also love to have a chat and get to know you better!

How will I know the exact date it will be open?

There are a few ways:

  • You can keep tabs on our website – we’ll update it as soon as we have our exact opening date
  • You can follow us on Facebook, on which we will post as soon as we have our exact opening date
  • You can sign up to our email list – where you’ll not only get our opening date, but will also receive some exclusive offers, board game reviews, and other great content! You can sign up here –> http://eepurl.com/dlgMBj

Will you be able to help me learn any of the games?

Whilst we know many of the games we have in the cafe, we’re still learning! So, definitely ask us if we can help you, and if we don’t already know how to play, we’ll do our best to help you learn!

What do you hope to bring to Colchester?

Our main hope is to bring something quirky and different to Colchester, where anyone can come and enjoy the wonderful world of board gaming!

Can I ask you more questions?

Of course! You can ask us any question you like by messaging us on Facebook or Twitter, or by emailing us at [email protected]


We can’t wait to see you there!

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